Introducing Our Microchip Posters, Postcards and Pins

Help us tell the world: Microchips save cats’ lives. We’ll make it easy for you with our microchip posters, postcards and pins. All are in the Alley Cat Allies Shop under The Power of Microchips 

Now you can get all these resources in convenient bundle!  

Should your cat ever be picked up and brought to an animal shelter, a quick scan of a microchip can bring her back into your arms. For a community cat who lives with her feline family outdoors, a microchip is her ticket home—and a lifeline. Too many animal shelters still kill most cats who enter their doors, so quickly moving a cat out of a shelter facility and back home is critical to protect her. 

Now you can spread lifesaving knowledge about this tiny but powerful technology by simply hanging a poster, handing out a postcard or wearing a pin that inspires your community to ask questions. 

Our Microchips Save Lives posterpostcard and pin are here to help explain what exactly a microchip is, how it works, and how it can be used to save cats.  

Our Plan to Scan® posterpostcard and pin describe what microchips and scanners are, how shelters and veterinary professionals should scan for a microchip, and why it is important to Plan to Scan®. 

To help community cats in particular, our Microchips & Community Cats poster (there’s a pin, too!) includes information on how microchips protect community cats, tips for scanning these independent felines and a reminder to make sure all community cats are #ChippedandTipped (microchipped and eartipped). 

Share these colorful, fun and informative microchip materials in your community, at your shelter or in a veterinary clinic. Together, we can create more happy endings for cats!  

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